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An iraqi perspective

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The war must be on – my dad hasn’t left the chair in front of the television since 7am this morning. A different perspective from the usual dramatic TV news is an Iraqi weblog from inside Baghdad. “Raed” writes an online diary, and updates it whenever he can dodge the bombs. Visit his website – “Where is Raed ?“.


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People always ask me why i blog, what good it does, who does it, and what in Great Jumping Jupiter’s name a blog is anyway – forever asking questions, the little tykes. Well, the last one is neatly answered by the Guardian here. Blogs are like an online diary – as another blogger Sashinka neatly puts it, “If I don’t write stuff down, I forget it.” I’ve tried and failed at least twice (and christ, that’s enough) to start a diary – it always seems like a good idea when too many good things are happening to NOT write them down somewhere, and always ends when life gets a little humdrum. But, hey, I’m ALWAYS at my computer – look at me, I’m so connected – and I can always find a little moment to write to you fine travellers. Well, the last few days haven’t exactly backed me up blog-wise, the little urchins, but hey, it’s a good deal more regular than my diary would’ve been…
So I started blogging. And then i found i wasn’t the only one. It’s like a huge community – they have get togethers, allsorts. Now that’s getting a little ahead of me – I’m quite content in my little room here – but it kinda makes you feel at home. Have a look at the Guardian’s list of Best Blogs – it’s like a voyeurs paradise…
So, there you have it. The Why, What, and Who of blogs. Now, stop asking, Paul D…!