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All Spliced Up

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There are big stages in life that you always look back on. ringading.jpg
Your first day at school; your first kiss; your first job; your first house. Hell, even my first deep-fried Mars bar, down on the Portsmouth seafront, is a moment deeply-imprinted on my brain. As was the queasy feeling the next morning…
Well, on Saturday Michelle and I added another much more important snapshot to our pile of memories. In the depths of Bath, in our favourite hotel, Michelle followed a fun paper-based trail I’d made around the hotel room, eventually reaching one with a very important question. And now, after nearly 6 years – and after Michelle had checked to see if I was joking – we’re engaged!
ENGAGED, for goodness sake.
For Michelle, it was the end of a long wait, bless her. And she has waited very well indeed. She’s currently at work, looking for someone to notice the ring.
For me – well, those that know me will testify to my commitment-phobia and lack of urgency and this was, frankly, a pretty large step.
For us, it’s the next stage in a fun fun life – even if the first thing most people have said is “about bloody time”… 😉

Elli’s Text Message

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Portsmouth – It all started so innocently. Ala’a was having a birthday meal, and Elli decided this was a prime opportunity to trade stories of sexual shananigans with her girlfriends over dinner. She got so hot under the collar, a raunchy text message to her eager boyfriend was in order, and she duly pumped into her phone all the remarkably rude things she could think of, involving squid, condoms and mile-high clubs. Once finished, she scrolled through the phonebook and pressed SEND. As the text message flitted away into the ether, a look of sheer horror crossed her face…
Guildford – Yours truly was batting about at my girlfriends house, neatly arranging the pile of unread FHMs into a suitable corner, and wondering what on earth to do next. BEEP BEEP. BEEP BEEP. My mobile phone vibrated enticingly. A text message has arrived.
It was from Elli.
Now, I could tell you what the text message said, but I’m FAR too good a friend to tell you all. Aren’t I?