An oven-based bun

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Nick and Sarah have an oven-based bun “Come round for dinner. We’ve got something to tell you.”

Nick’s revelation caused options to race through my mind. What was it? Moving house? Possible – Nick’s always been a secret moneybags. Divorce? Surely not – that would be an awkward dinner party if ever I saw one. Pregnancy? Now, just a second…

And so it was that Michelle and I visited Nick and Sarah’s house for a spot of dinner, an already-written Congratulations card stowed in Michelle’s handbag. They’ve only just got married, for crying out loud – and here Sarah was, 3 months pregnant. We all agreed that Nick plainly wasn’t past his prime, and celebrated with a gargantuan chilli with a superdose of spice. “Sorry about that,” Sarah said, “my tastebuds are all over the place at the moment…”

So, congratulations to your both. Looks like it’s got your nose, Nick!