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The Right Man

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Now, I’m not usually one to dabble in American politics on here. Bloggerheads is the place to go for that stuff. However, that’s not to say I don’t follow the yanks with their political planks. I don’t know how many of you have stumbled on The Daily Show, broadcast in America and syndicated over here – it’s meant to be a humourous view of American politics, but manages to be almost the only truthful show out there. The video archive site YouTube has loads of show clips – have a look at all of these. The show came to reach epic proportions when its presenter Jon Stewart went on a “serious” political discussion show Crossfire, and instead of being funny managed to rip them to shreds – so much so that Crossfire was taken off the air a couple of months later. Jon Stewart gave his reaction to the appearance, too.
The reason I’m telling you this? Well, tonight I found this gem of a clip from The Daily Show that manages to ridicule President Bush so brilliantly simply. I’m in awe of the show and its presenter, can you tell?

Out Of Their Own Mouths

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After my Hutton Inquiry rants a couple of months ago, politics was politely requested to leave by a few well-respected readers. So, rather than ranting again so soon, a few self-explanatory Iraq-based links to play around with:
– Read the following quote: “I have no ambition whatsoever to use [national security] as a political issue.” President Bush, 23rd January 2002
– Watch Donald Rumsfeld in a spot of bother (1MB video). I guess somehow he thought they wouldn’t have any quotes of his on hand…
– Keep for reference this extensive PDF report on Iraq political statements since the beginning of the present troubles (or search this online database).
– Last but certainly not least, note the title of this Bill trying to get through American Congress.
Disclaimer: Please note no opinion was offered in the making of this post.