Rhod Gilbert

Ian Stone in Petersfield

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“God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.”
And God of the comedy world is, as it turns out, Ian Stone. A few months ago, I visited Balham’s Comedy Store (blogged here), and witnessed the comedian reduce me to tears of laughter for a good 30 minutes. And as I relieved myself in the Little Boys Room (a phrase Gary Glitter must surely have uttered at some point…) at The Follys in Petersfield last Saturday night, I noticed he was visiting our little town the following Monday. Lucy H and I toddled along, and after a vaguely amusing compere and two young pretenders to the comedy throne (perhaps I’m selling them short… Rhod Gilbert and Simon Feilder were very funny), we got Ian Stone. And I was in tears within seconds, laughing continuously for 40 minutes. He even had to do a 5 minute encore, “for free” as he drily pointed out.
I heartily recommend seeing him, if only for his enormous nose.