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Linkblog – March 20th to March 27th

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Links between March 20th and March 27th:

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Chernobyl – A Pictorial

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Years ago, when I was 8, every major change in the weather merited a bizarre claim from my mother: “Must be Chernobyl.” Chernobyl, I eventually learnt at that naturally inquisitive age, was possibly the best illustration of a disaster we’ve had in recent times. The nuclear explosions that blew up the Chernobyl power station in 1986 caused devastation to Russia and its economy and widespread concern for the whole world. This pictorial visit to Chernobyl shows how, 18 years on, it’s still a bleak, desolate place. After you’ve got past the endearingly poor English, you’ll find some of the saddest pictures from the aftermath. (more info on the disaster here)

There’s a reason for everything

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Taken from the BBC website:

“There is an economic as well as political aspect to the views of countries
including France and Russia. Russian firm Lukoil says it expects its
contract to develop Iraqi oilfields to be honoured while France’s
state-controlled oil company TotalFinaElf also reached similar potentially
lucrative understandings. France was also the leading supplier of goods to
Iraq under the UN’s oil-for-food programme.”