Nights Out

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Good gravy, I’ve completely overlooked two fun nights out in the past couple of weeks. Naughty me. Shunta’s brother turned the ripe old age of 18, and to celebrate, he invited us over for a knees up. We duly made fools of ourselves, having egg fights with Shunta’s mother and singing kareoke like a group of strangled cats.
And on the Saturday before last, in place of the cancelled Matchbox Twenty concert, we ventured into Watford to Jac’s new house. Many a good drink was downed, culminating in 3 traffic cones and a small shrub being placed outside Alex McH’s house, much to the neighbours disgust, and someone falling asleep in the bathroom, snoring loudly and preventing anyone from emptying their bladder for the entire night…

Open Shaun and Jac

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If I say another drunken night was had, you’d probably groan at the inevitability of it all. Although this time, The Cranley Hotel beckoned for “Open Mike” night with a difference: this was “Open Shaun and Jac” night. Shaun (Shunta‘s brother) and Jac both sang their little hearts out for 3 1/2 hours, coped admirably with the appallingly timed Cranleigh Rugby team night out (of all the nights Shaun and Jac chose…) and generally had an enormous amount of fun with myself, Shunta, Michelle and Sophie. I was particularly impressed with Jac’s T-Shirt – the very one I had bought him for his birthday. Everyone was very impressed. Shunta “worked” behind the bar all night, but ended up the most drunk out of all of us, arriving back home just in time to show us his horde from the trip to his house – a stack of 100 magazines, two camping signs, a couple of daffodils and a bus stop. I wonder if he still has a job…