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Version 8 has landed

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It’s amazing what a few days off can do. My bedroom is tidy (you can now see the floor, which believe me is a fine result), and – yes, has been updated. This, fellow readers, is Version 8, and you’re welcome to it. Some bits have gone, some bits have been added, and other parts have been given the once-over and tidied. Have a look around, and contact me if you find any problems…

A Baker’s Week

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You know how Baker’s Dozen is an inexplicably imprecise 13? Well, I’d like to qualify my previous “I’ll post in the next week” promise by saying that I meant a Baker’s Week. In essence, that’s around 9 days, I reckon.


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There it is, just below this post. Just sort of… hanging there. A new way to show the links I find, a handy reference for those with a quick fix. It’ll always be just below the first entry on and will show the last 10 links I’ve posted, unless you delve under the hood of the archives. So welcome, Linklog.
That is all.

Tinkering and Fiddling

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A briefish tinkering under the bonnet, and I’ll expect much higher search-engine rankings in a few days. I also managed to change the menu at the top there, but it took so damn long I gave up well before the end. Consequently, a chorus of “amateurish”, “ill-fitting” and “out of place” rained down from fellow comrades. Ah well, a bit more tinkering needed…

SmallTalk Forum launched

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Just by clicking on the Forum menu link, you will witness the long-awaited birth of the Smalltalk Forum. I dread to think what I’ll find there in a few days…
UPDATE: Could a little testing be done on the “click to login/register” link? It’s been devilishly difficult coding that little bugger to appear.

Server issues

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Dear oh dear. A “surge in traffic” on my server in the last few days has meant the website is fluctuating from very fast to non-existant. Bouncing up and down faster than Jordan on a trampoline. So bear with it, and hopefully it should be resolved soon…

Gallery – New again…

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Announcing another redesign to the photo section… Just click “photos” on the top menu bar there. Includes the Farmwarming photos…