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Comment Leaderboard back

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Jac will be VERY pleased to know the Comment Leaderboard is up and working again, in its new place on the bottom right of the page. Same old guy leading it though…


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A moment, please, for congratulations – the number of comments has hit the 1000 barrier!

On This Day

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My new hosting company is the mutts nads. Now I can finally start improving the site without the entire thing breaking, and to show willing, you’ll notice I’ve plonked a “This Day in 200X” feature next to each day’s date. It’ll show you what I was rabbiting on about exactly 1,2 or 3 years ago. Splendid. is back

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DON’T PANIC, I wrote a good 7 days ago, when I take offline for a swift change of scenery. A lot of uploading, downloading, muttering and blaspheming later, and is back. The reason for the absence, as I explained on more utterly basic temporary page that’s been guarding the site for a week, is that I’ve changed the hosting company for the site, so it should run a whole lot quicker now. My fingers are crossed.
Jac, however, has done REMARKABLY well out of it all. My little link on the temporary page offloading at least 76 people to his website, the lucky tyke.
Now, here comes all the things you’ve missed…

New photolog

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I took the bull by the horns on Thursday, and decided once and for all to revamp the photo album. It’s offline at the moment, and being vicously fiddled with. And, by golly, so far the new design is shaping up to be a sexy piece of fluff. Splendid.