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Comments Corruption…

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About a week and a half ago, my Comments Leaderboard (see, it’s down there on the left) became “sponsored”. Most regular readers will notice that Jac, a prolific reader and commenter, was running away with the lead. This plainly wouldn’t do, and Paul D concocted a cunning plan – make him the leader. I needed a reason – and Paul duly offered a stiff barbeque and a small payment.
And so we have it – small time corruption has entered, and looks mighty fine from where I’m sitting. Jac, obviously, is incensed, as I discovered while talking to him last night. In fact, he plainly watches his score too much – within 12 minutes of the devious plan starting, he emailed me.
So, you know what to do, Jac…

Changes Afoot Again

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I get a week off work, and what do you know – a facelift is on the cards! Shall be updating/changing other nooks and a few crannies over the next few days…

Debtometer Online

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The Debtometer is back with a vengence… it’s even got it’s own little corner: Follow my meagre attempts at financial security…
“A tremendous read” – The Daily Sun
“Codswallop” – The Morning Times

Comments error

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Humble apologies for the error after you post comments – it posts your comment, but buggers up when it refreshes the page. It’s being sorted, honest…

Site Development

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Well, some much needed tweaking done to the site tonight – the Comment Leaderboard is back with a vengence but with the same top commenter (you’ll see it down the left hand side) and the guestbook is back online! Tremendous. Oh, and on a pointless whim I’ve made the apple tagline oh-so-cleverly change on each visit… And with that, I’m off to bed.

Server Back Up Again

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Well, after 3 days of on-off, my hosters appear to have niggled their way out of the crisis of failed servers. Typical, the first time this has happened for 3 years, and just when I’ve added two new recruits, Moonlight Events and Jonola14, to the empire. Well, “empire”.

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There’s even less escape now – the purchase of is complete. Next step – do something MARVELLOUS with the subtle domain that is
Update: No, next step make the site work in Netscape. Why won’t that software just die?