Site News - 5/8 -

Comment Back

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Well, the “vile” green is out, and a nice minimalist theme takes over. Christ, you guys are hard critics. Oh, the comments system is now working splendidly again. And I’ve added a Comments Leader Board half way down the page – see if you can beat the wordsmith that is Jac…

Vile Green

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The redesign debate rages on… I got an email tonight from a regular, praising my “brilliant blogging machine” (damn it, i didn’t even write that bit), but slating the new colour as a “rather vile shade of green”. Well, CHARMING, but it’s a view that’s becoming a tad common. What do you that of the colour? What should I change it to? Should I colour co-ordinate it with my underwear?

New Menu

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And there we have the new menu, you lucky, lucky things. It’s more of an admission of defeat, really – the blocks looked nice, but were as user friendly as shrink-wrap….

Stage 1

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And here’s Stage 1 of the identity crisis. “Great,” says Jac, Nick, Paul D and the rest of ’em, “You’ve changed everything BUT the menu.” Patience, you.

New Header…

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OOOh, a new header… BUT WHERE’S THE NEW MENU, I hear Jac shout. It’s coming, ok? I need sleep now…

New design

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Fresh new look to for the summer. Whaddyathink? I’m not totally ok with the menu system, but I’ll see what comes up.
Oh, and i’ve just bought this incredible thing. How frivolous of me.