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Site Searches

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A Merry Christmas to you all! If a tad late.
Another worrying month of people’s searches that result in their arrival here:

1. banned kylie advert
2. cheap software
3. bt 1571 service password
4. sister swapping
5. rate our boobs
6. pick the hottie
7. original of the word pussy
8. bin laden
9. nick’s ex girlfriends
10. fhm safe cracking
11. christina aguilera’s boobs
12. baby spice photos banned

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Finding myself at rather a loose and dangly end yesterday, I planned to spend sometime in an internet cafe in Guildford, preparing to update stuff from here. TO MY HORROR, I discovered that this site is banned from public viewing by CyberPatrol, which protects most of the internet cafes in the UK. What HAVE I done, I wonder? I’m almost proud…


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Hmm. You always know you’ve been fiddling too much when the result is worse than the original. I was quietly adding Jonola14 to my empire, and I seem to have erased all my comments. Bother.
You’ll have to leave some more… 😉

Fone Fun

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Ooooh, SMS Vault has been revamped, remonikered, and now includes those lovely voice messages you all thoughtfully leave. Fone.Fun has landed…


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“Told you this would happen when you started work,” Paul D writes, “your website has slipped down the slippery slope to boredom…nothing new since Sunday…dear oh dear…”
He’s entirely right, of course, when I do get home (about 3 times a week at the moment), most of my time is taken up by NokiaGame, which is in it’s final week. So when that finishes… well, I can always hope! Thanks for keeping visiting tho! There’s plenty to see, especially the BRAND NEW ChuckleStrips!

New Photo Section

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I’m very pleased to say that my new, revamped photo section is complete. All sorts of new stuff is there, and the old stuff is currently being rather splendidly converted…

A particular favourite is my entry for the World’s Untidiest Bedroom…