Site News - 7/8 -

Top 20 search requests

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Top 20 search requests leading to

1st: pornopartner
2rd: vibrator photos
3nd: hp scanjet 2100c usb
4th: cheap software
5th: fhm magazine
6th: fhm student of the year 2001
7th: online minigolf
8th: wibbler
9th: 8850 manual
10th: sms

11th: badgers
12th: chest hair
13th: cranleigh school
14th: cinema listings
15th: haircut barbers
16th: crowbar nightclub
17th: sms john lennon
18th: britblogs
19th: boyfriend haircut
20th: haircut


Changing email address

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Don’t look now, I’m changing: my email address is changing. It’s now hello(AT) . And phone(AT) if I’m out boogying. I’m SO excited…

Site working again.

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Well, FINALLY the site is working again! Totalise webspace went wrong, then my new host ‘got corrupted’ apparently ( went ‘tits up’ ) and now it’s all working again. I’ve changed providers, so there should be no more problems, and they’re letting me do all sorts of newfangled bits, so I’m be fiddling around even more. Simon H is in the Alps, skiing away, Jac’s in America, snogging away, and likle old me is stuck here! Ah well…

I’ve launched the webring.

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I’ve launched the webring. Unfortunately, It’s a little unreliable at the moment, thanks to the incompetent fools at Yahoo. They’re probably very nice people, but they obviously can’t run a Webring for toffee at the moment. Anyway, have a go at signing up if you have the time… it might even work…!

Featured in CreateOnline

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Just been informed that also featured in this month’s CreateOnline magazine…. oh the fun! i’ll root around for some pictures for you…