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Free SMS websites in the UK

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There seem to be a load of US websites popping up giving website visitors free SMS text messages. Hell, even Google’s at it. But what about us Brits? Here’s a list of the current websites supporting free text messaging.

GizmoSMS –
SMS to over 20 countries. Part of GizmoProject.

Kazooii –
SMS to the UK, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Philipines, Sri Lanka, Iran, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and many more countries.

Wadja –
Wadja is a mobile web, media and social messaging service, managing your communication and interaction from trusted sources (friends, family and address book contacts). Requires registration.

Bloove –
Goes further than other providers, allowing full web-based mobile phone management. Requires registration.

Financial Excitement and updated SMS Vault

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Woo HOOOOOO! For the first time since 1997, I’ve managed to get to the end of the month without exceedingly my overdraft limit, and without using any of my credit cards. Mainly because Michelle’s confiscated them, but it’s a start. To celebrate, I’ve uploaded more amusing text messages in the SMS Vault, mainly from master of comedy Jac. I’m up to July 2002 now – only 8 months of SMS messages to go then…

Fone Fun

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Ooooh, SMS Vault has been revamped, remonikered, and now includes those lovely voice messages you all thoughtfully leave. Fone.Fun has landed…

Top 20 search requests

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Top 20 search requests leading to

1st: pornopartner
2rd: vibrator photos
3nd: hp scanjet 2100c usb
4th: cheap software
5th: fhm magazine
6th: fhm student of the year 2001
7th: online minigolf
8th: wibbler
9th: 8850 manual
10th: sms

11th: badgers
12th: chest hair
13th: cranleigh school
14th: cinema listings
15th: haircut barbers
16th: crowbar nightclub
17th: sms john lennon
18th: britblogs
19th: boyfriend haircut
20th: haircut