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Michelle’s 24!

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Michelle (and, of course, Becki) was turning twenty-four, and that was a promising excuse for a knees up. What’s more, Jac, Debbie, Nick and Sarah all were booked to turn up, an occurance rarer than a turnip in winter. So off we went to Bar Med on Saturday night for a flask or seven of ale. Before the drink took hold, discussion was held on Shrek 2 (VERY amusing, I recommend a visit), and the lateness of most of the rest of the group. We contented ourselves with a new discovery – plastic shotglasses filled with “intense” flavoured vodka. 3 shots later, and Jac and I were wincing in agony at the vaguely “Tequila and Lime”-flavoured concoction.

The night descended into a haze. We managed to get to The Drink nightclub, where we boogied until 1am, and then our increasing years took their toll, returning us home in the early hours. A splendid night.

Lads Night Out

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Saturday night was the long-awaited Lads Night Out. Nick, Jac and I gathered at Michelle’s house, and packed the respective girlfriends off to a bar. After Jac had displayed his finest photos from his recent holiday, and sufficiently shown off his tan, we ventured down the The Stoke, a newly revamped bar on the way to the town centre. I immediately decided to start with a bang, and asked the tiny barmaid for a pint and a chaser each. “A what?” asked Jac, clearly out of touch with drinking terms. “A chaser,” I repeated, as a pint of Fosters and a shot of sambuca appeared in front of him.
We sat down for an hour or so, chin-wagging about past events, and highlighting the amusing recent revelation that Nick calls his trouser truncheon “Mr Whippy”. Nick, tired of out ice-cream based genital gags, tried to ignore the subject and offered ideas for our forthcoming trip to Dublin. Now, as the trip is essentially an excuse to get drunk for my birthday, I’ve been a little worried about conspiracies and pranks. These were only confirmed during my next trip to the bar, when upon my return the coded discussion was based around “Plan B”. The crafty rascals.
After a few more pints, and a discussion about “Old Molenose”, we took in the sights of RSVP bar, and wandered down to the bars of Lower Guildford. We smashed pint glasses in Edwards, stole a jacket in Bar Med, and entered The Drink nightclub to find our girlfriends, sozzled in a corner. A few cocktails later, and the night closed in, swirling away in an alcoholic mist…
The hangover was admirable. Jac’s pictures of the night equally so – here they all are.

Strolling Along…

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I’ve been a little sparse (good word) on here of late, having been as busy as a blue-bummed fly. Between booking holidays to Dublin, tickets to Matchbox 20 and Bon Jovi concerts, rugby tickets to see England vs Italy in March, and running my work department on half the usual number of people, it’s been a little hectic. Still, a few things have happened to it would be rude not to mention. First was a free trip to Woking cinema with Michelle, her brother and his fiance (Michelle had won 6 tickets, the lucky tyke) to see City By The Sea. It was more of a private showing really – the first 20 minutes we were the only people in the cinema. Then there was the first visit of the New Year to The Drink nightclub, where we met Alex and Milly for the first time in ages. Alex seems to be still the man to know around town – Champagne flowed freely while he implied that he could get cheap deals for anything I wanted. I took full advantage, and decided to meet him again on Wednesday for a meal. Cracking.

This weekend’s naughtiness

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So, this weekend then.
Well, Friday night was cinema night, with Michelle and I going to the Odeon in Guildford to watch Gangs of New York. Very, very good, all 3 hours of it. Most impressed. Got out at 1.30am to see police around The Drink nightclub, and thought nothing more until the next morning, when this story surfaced about Girls Aloud causing havoc in Guildford. Already. My contact (sounds good, doesn’t it…) says The Drink got ?7500 for selling the story on Saturday afternoon – if only I’d though of it…
Saturday night heralded Elli’s 23rd birthday party, with plenty of memorable moments again. They’re all listed in Jac’s now infamous website I can always tell it’s been a great party when it take the rest of the following day to recover…

Wigged Wonders

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Well, the large Texas BBQ pizza from Dominos really did the trick at lunchtime, so I’ve been feeling well enough to upload several pictures from last night, involving us, the Wigged Wonders. Shortly after these pictures were taken, we entered The Drink nightclub, where Jac was mobbed by 3 women and ended up half naked, and both shunta claus and Jac pulled. Which is a surprise.

And did I mention shunta claus and I saw Phill Punter, estranged friend, in Bar Med in Guildford on Saturday, looking very serious indeed? No, I thought I didn’t…

Huge Weekend

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Well, what a huge weekend (well, for lazy old me, anyway…).

Saturday – Out in Bar Zuka, Bar Mambo and The Drink nightclub in Guildford. These places are my out-and-out regular haunts, not least because my friends manage them. VERY cheap deals… 😉

Sunday – chose the one day when the heavens opened to go powerboating in Bosham with my friend Simon B. Drenched, but absolutely corking fun.

Monday – A stonking Bank Holiday barbeque with Mark K and friends. The memorable phrase “nice tongs” will not be forgotten lightly.

Tuesday – Recover. God knows what I’ll do when I actually have to start working

Eastenders in The Drink

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Good Morning! I’m feeling so much better after my first night in for about a week and a half – I’ll do anything to escape my dissertation! Saw half the cast of Eastenders in The Drink nightclub in Guildford on Saturday, and all the girls went loopy, bless ’em… and apparently my local nightclub in Petersfield was the venue on Saturday for the likes of Jason Orange and Max Beesley, of all people! Who’d have thought…

Congrats to ickle Iman Allayan on her stonking 1st birthday party – photos to come, all of which are embarrassing…

Well, as promised, here are the pictures and info for my new FAMOUS bits and pieces.

I’m off to do some work…