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Crikey, What a Busy Week

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Lordy lordy, a busy week if ever I had one. 3 days at Head Office installing a new stock system, one debauched visit to The Star in Guildford to watch Tom L in the Battle of the Bands (his band came second), and a huge party last night at Vinopolis in London for my godmother’s fiftieth birthday. There were 150 of us to the Great Halls, all related in some way. It was a mite imposing, but, 4 hours of networking later I discovered at least three more cousins…

Gig Cancelled

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Disappointing. One of the least offensive words I can think of to describe the cancellation of The Star/Mosquito appearance. The pub have cancelled less the 24 hours before the gig, sheepishly explaining that the management would quite like a party at the same time.
Last time I drink in there. Humph.

Star/Mosquito Gig

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For those of you who are eager to see me (that’ll be my mum, then) and complain that I never go out anymore, I’ll be in The Star in Guildford this coming Thursday (20th September), 8pm, propping up one end of the bar. While Mosquito, the stonking Chris H-managed band, plays merrily in the corner.