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Missing In Action; Presumed Busy

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You may be thinking that the lack of posts on shows the dull, slow-paced life I must be having. Quite the opposite, in fact, and that means very little time to post the wonderful, action packed events that have graced the last few weeks. For example, there was:-
– the paintball expedition, where I sustained bruises that were still coming out a week later;
– the visit to Fright Night at Thorpe Park, which entailed 2 visits to the wettest ride in the park, long queues for every other ride and even longer queues to get out of the car park;
– the leaving meal of my old boss at The Pier, which resulted in my first visit to chilly Oxford and a series of particularly appalling renditions at karaoke;
– the designing/building of part of the Fat Face website, done and dusted in little over a week;
– the designing of two other sites in under two weeks;
– the Grand Get Together with 16 of my nearest and dearest, all congregating in Zizzi’s restaurant in Guildford, on a table designed for 12 people;
– A visit to Nick’s house with Sarah and Michelle for a night of drinks, games and pre-birthday presents;
– A knees up with Nick last Friday in Guildford, where we cobbled together an ingenous business plan in a drunken haze.
– Visits to the gym four times a week with Michelle, with a view to turning my body into slightly more of a temple;
And last, but not least – Boris Johnson. Boris Boris Boris. He’s been in the news a lot lately for better or worse, and Boriswatch has been inundated with visitors – an average of 5000 a day for the last two weeks. And then last Friday in a hail of media fire, he was sacked. Cue calls from Sky News and the BBC, asking for comments and interviews – and it all came to a head yesterday, with your humble host popping up to the House of Commons for a lunch date with the great man himself.
So what I propose is this. I’ll blog a selection of these events over the next week of so, and you sit there with the patience of a saint. Sound reasonable?

Interim Report

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Just come back from a week long trip to the Isle of Wight for a wedding, went to Thorpe Park today and now I’m off to Head Office for the rest of the week. And things are afoot, again. So, I’ll fill you in as soon as feet start hitting the ground – but meanwhile, take a look at the witticisms of a size 12 wedding gown seller on Ebay, play the new YetiSports game, donate a mammogram, laugh at the entire collection of Private Eye covers and marvel at what I’ve just bought.

Birthday weekend

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Well, that’s it, another funky birthday over with! Thanks to everyone who sent a card/bought a round/bought a present, and special thank to Paul D for remembering my birthday while enjoying himself in the depths of America. A faint and crackly phone call from him (on the right day and everything) was frighteningly clever of him. Firm friend, that one.
So, what did I do? Well, Friday night was terribly messy, with work mates plying me with Black Russians and beer and allsorts. Needless to say, Saturday morning was a no-show – I even had to delay my present-opening ceremony at Michelle’s to compose myself. Still, several presents and copious cards later, I was raring to go to Thorpe Park for a day of stomach-churning rides. There was just the one ride that made be think that the previous night had been a bad idea. Was it the death-defying 10-loop rollercoaster? The Water Rapids, gently swaying to and fro in the worsening weather?
No. It was the Teacup Ride.
Still, Saturday night’s “Wibbler’s Birthday/Shunta’s Engagement Party” came and went without a hitch, with Open Mike night working it’s magic. And from the sounds of things, Shunta’s fiance had a lovely time in the four-poster…