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A nightclub invite

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Tony Ho comes and goes like a thief in the night. One minute he’s hosting the mother of all parties (you may remember my multiple visits to Cafe de Paris with Tony at the tail end of last year), the next he’s disappeared, his mobile phone goes dead and we all hope he’s still alive.
He chose the middle of my course in Switzerland to reappear again, inviting me to an opening party in the centre of Mayfair, at a nightclub he was promoting. So, not at all fresh from the flight from Switzerland, I jumped straight into my car at the airport and sped off to London, shaver in one hand, steering wheel (luckily) in the other. 11pm on a Wednesday, I thought, the roads should be fine. I hadn’t banked on the M4 being closed though and 45 minutes later than I should have been, I arrived at the “Capiche” nightclub. Slap bang opposite The Ritz, it was a location to die for, and Tony doled out free drinks for a couple of hours until my senses told me I may have overdone it. I bade Tony (and a slightly drunken Simon B) goodbye, and drove home. Thanks for the drinks Tony – if only I hadn’t had to have been at work 8am the next morning…!

Incognito, a farmwarming, and sleep.

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The late posting of weekend antics is more or less because I’ve only just recovered. Simon B rang with free tickets to see Incognito in concert in London, and off we went. After surprisingly managing to follow Simon’s vague directions (“we’ll meet at the Embankment North. I’ll wave.”),


we found Tony Ho at the entrance to The Forum in Kentish Town.
Average White Band were first on, warming us up for Incognito, who were unfeasibly good (gig pictures here). We bopped away until 1am, and grabbed a taxi to Caf? de Paris, where we partied until 4am. I was bushed.
Up at 9am for the World Cup Rugby, a quick shopping trip where I managed to buy absolutely nothing, and then off to Jac’s farmhouse in Watford for a “farmwarming” party, complete with silly hats. A small turnout hampered the party atmosphere (“this is less a party, more an exclusive gathering” Jac announced woefully) and the party was cancelled in favour of a night on the tiles. And a very good night it was – here are the pictures.
8 hours sleep in 2 1/2 days. Not a good plan.

Tony Ho – Bols Champion

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So there I was, going about my daily working chores, when Simon B phones up. And laughs. And laughs some more. After 30 seconds, I tire of the suspense, and ask what the hell’s the matter. Well, he explains, our friend Tony H had phoned a few weeks ago, asking him to go to Amsterdam for a few days, all fully paid for by Bols, the drinks makers. Declining the offer on the grounds that it sounded implausible, he continued to be intrigued, and looked on the Bols website a few weeks later. And there, on the Bols Masters Championship page, was, unbelievably, Tony H. Scrolling down, sheer astonishment must have devoured Simon B’s face, as it did mine – there was The Winner of the World Championships – TONY. Tony and his Crumble Appletini. Simply amazing. Go and have a look for yourselves – a true master of the cocktail!