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Linkblog – December 2nd to December 3rd

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I post a load of links that I’ve found interesting and log them all under “Linkblog” over there on the right hand side of this site. Here are the latest ones, in case you’ve missed them.

Linkblog between December 2nd and December 3rd:

Just so you know, this is an automated recent overview of the Linkblog, a collection of interesting links I find on my travels. The archives are here: http://www.wibbler.com/category/linkblog/

Line Rider – a masterpiece

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A while ago, lonely and bored in a hotel room in Switzerland, I found Line Rider, a free online skiing game. To play it, you have to draw lines which a miniature skier will ski down, and the aim is to not make him fall over. So far, so boring, I hear you say. Stuck in a hotel room, it’s actually very addictive, I’m sad to report. I thought after 20 minutes of playing that I wasn’t bad at all. Until tonight, when I found this annoyingly brilliant site. It’s a ruddy masterpiece – although whoever did it has surely got a lot of spare time on their hands…
P.S. I’m well aware I’ve sometimes got an unusual taste in music, but I quite like the backing track on this one. It’s called “I’ll Be Yours”, by Ilse de Lange.