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Sun Microsystems

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I used to work for Sun Microsystems. Within a week of starting the job, with spectacular timing and support, my long-term girlfriend dumped me. I’m not bitter (well, not now at any rate). And so it was that that year at Sun, the fun and frolics and nights out and parties, was a pivotal time for me, a fresh start, and to this day I’m still friends with many of them, even the ones that called me “student” and “tea boy”. Hell, one of them, Alex, is getting married next month to my good friend Milly.
But, sad though I am to say it (and difficult as it is to say with tongue firmly in cheek), my leaving Sun was plainly a pivotal time for them, too. Just look at this graph (from the estimable Yahoo Finance). You see the peak in October 2000? That’s when i left. Since then, shares have tumbled. And if they call and beg me to come back? Well, I charge a mean price nowadays…

Matchbox Twenty at Wembley Arena

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Matchbox Twenty are a band that have “spawned more No. 1 songs and spent more weeks atop the … adult top 40 charts than any artist” (Neilson); who are the only pop-rock band in the American top 10, whose current single Unwellhas occupied the No. 1 spot on the adult top 40 chart for 18 weeks” (USAToday). Their profile at Yahoo give you everything from videos to reviews. Well worth a visit.
There’s a reason I’m telling you all this? Because they came to visit us at Wembley Arena last night. It was amazing. When you hear a band and like their music, it’s one thing. When you go to their concert and get doubly blown away by their enthusiasm, personality and musical ability… well, that’s another. 9 of us trooped up to the Arena last night and got some of the best seating in the almost full arena. After the supporting band, Maroon5, limbered us up, out Matchbox Twenty came to the cries of “Bring on the box!” from Jac. And so began what must rate as the best moment of the year so far for me. Rob Thomas, the lead singer, always manages to sound amazed that people like his band, and that he’d always wanted to play at Wembley Arena. True, he may just be saying that, but I think he means it. He also made a memorable quote about time being a currency, which I’m sure Jac will pick up and play with on his site.
The net result of all this? Well, confirmation that in our eyes Matchbox Twenty are a collection of gods (a gaggle? a herd…?). Simply Superb.

I’ve launched the webring.

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I’ve launched the webring. Unfortunately, It’s a little unreliable at the moment, thanks to the incompetent fools at Yahoo. They’re probably very nice people, but they obviously can’t run a Webring for toffee at the moment. Anyway, have a go at signing up if you have the time… it might even work…!