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Twins II

By March 14, 20023 Comments

So, last night was a predictably fun night. And as I know people who read this know the twins, i won’t go any further than to say that all’s calmed down… until next time. Ooh, I can’t wait…
(and by the way, can I just congratulate the commenters for the previous post – a truly fantastic collection of puns!)


  • Jac says:


  • D'erceville says:

    D?sol? d’?tre un peu en retard pour vous souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire , Jac, qui je crois, poss?de entre autres qualit?s, celle de maitriser avec perfection la langue de Moli?re, n’est ce pas ?
    Au fait , quel brillant site que celui-ci !
    (j’allais ?crire :
    Bon week-end ? tous , l?-haut.

  • Wibbler says:

    The Frenchness of visitors on this site is a little unnerving… but welcome anyway! Any Belgians?

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